Before & After

Preparations for the tattoo session

If you are used to the process of being tattooed or this is your first time, it can be a nerve wrecking experience to enter. 
Maybe you have an anxiety towards needles or maybe you are not sure if it’s going to be painful, and how much, and we are not going to lie about it’s going to be a little painful. 
No matter what the circumstances we will guarantee that we will be considerate about your needs and make sure the process is in a tempo that suits you.
Vi always encourages our guests to bring a companion who can help distract from the needlework.


Aftercare & treatment

It is important that you take good care of your tattoo after the initial session.

In most cases we use a bandage which is to be kept on between 3-6 days depending on your type and size of tattoo.
It is of utter most importance that there is no fluid underneath the bandage.
Please refrain from hard physical work the first couple of days after the tattoo has been made. 
If in any doubt about your tattoo or bandage please contact us immediately.

If we bandage you the classical way please follow the steps:

-Keep the film onn minimum 2 hours but preferably 6-12 hours.

-carefully and thorough was of the tattoo to remove excess ink, blood and product from the skin.

-pad the skin carefully dry with a CLEAN towel and add tattoo cream/ointment between 2-6 times a day (depending on the viscocity of the product). It’s important to keep the tattoo slightly  moist, but be careful not to use too much!

-Please keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight, or any risk factors regarding infections. If you can’t avoid the sun, please use a high factor of sun lotion.

-you can resume physical training after 3-4 days.

-always handle your fresh/healing tattoo with clean hands and products!

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